Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 31 julio


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/16

This is the second Great Britain-Mexico duel in these Games after Larry GODFREY (GBR) defeated Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX) in the men’s event on Monday.

After a draw in the first set, 28-28 (1-1), AVITIA shot two 10s and a 9 to win the second set and took the lead, 3-1. The Mexican was then only one point away from victory as she won the third set 27-26 (5-1).

Huge disappointment for the home crowd as their favourite lost the match 2-6 after a tie in the fourth set (26-26).

Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/32


AVITIA is part of a very young, promising Mexican squad. She hopes for a better result in the individual event, after missing out in quarterfinal in teams against the future bronze medallists, Japan.

The first set points were split between the two archers who shot 28 points each (1-1). With a 5 at her second arrow of the second set, the Iranian let the lead go to her opponent (1-3).

As they shot 27 each in the third, AVITIA kept her lead at 4-2. Another 5 in the fourth set and DEHGHANABNAVI could not hope for more than a loss, 4-6.