Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 2 agosto.


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/8


CHRISTIANSEN has hit form and says she used the energy of the crowd in her 7-3 victory over Elisa BARNARD (AUS) and 6-4 triumph against LE Chien-Ying (TPE). AVITIA hopes to offer her country its first ever archery Olympic medal.

The Dane lost the first set when she missed the target (too low) at her second arrow (16-25/0-2). But misadventure did not seem to disturb her and she came back with a 9-9-10 series to win the second set and tie the match 2-2.

CHRISTIANSEN suffered from two bad shots in the third and fourth sets (two 6s) and scored two times 26 only. AVITIA showed great performances in these sets with two times 29 points, and clinched a 6-2 victory.


KANIE dominated her first two rounds and is also boosted by a team bronze medal. She is a left-handed archer, which might be an advantage against the sun on this field.

The two young ladies started with 28 points each, and the match was drawn 1-1 after one set. The second turned in favour of the Japanese, who took advantage of an opening 5 by her opponent to win the set 27-24 and lead 3-1.

KANIE had the opportunity to win the third set and increase her lead if she shot an 8 at her third arrow. Releasing a 6, she let the set go and ROMAN come back at 3-3. Situation reversed when the Mexican took the lead for the first time of the match (5-3), winning the fourth set 27-25.

ROMAN managed to put pressure on her opponent in the final set thanks to 10 and 9. KANIE scored 8-9-9 for her part, leaving ROMAN with a good chance to clinch victory if she scored 7 or better. The Mexican did not miss it with an 8.