Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 1 de agosto.


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/16
Alejandra Valencia (MEX) – Ming Cheng (CHN)

In the first and second sets, Alejandra VALENCIA had three arrows in the red ring and the World Cup winner was stronger to take the lead 4-0. Both archers shot only 9s in the third set, and the scored moved to 5-1 for CHENG. VALENCIA started the fourth set with a 7, and she was beaten by CHENG for just one point, 24-25. CHENG won the match 7-1 to advance to the 1/8 elimination round.

Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/32


The double gold medallist of the Panamerican Games 2011 took the first set 26-21. The totals of the second set were equal despite the scores being were very different: VALENCIA 9-9-8, PARNAT 10-10-6. The 17-year-old Mexican won the third set 26-25 to lead 5-1. She went on to win the fourth set despite a bad 6. Victory 7-1 for VALENCIA!