Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 30 julio


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/16


Amazing opening for ROMAN with perfect shooting in the first set (30-24/2-0)! But betrayed by the wind blowing on the venue, she released a 6 at her first arrow of the second set that she lost 24-25. The match was tied 2-2.

The Mexican took back the lead 4-2, winning the third set 26-24. Her opponent from India missed the target at her first arrow of the fourth set. The game was over despite two 10s by LAISHRAM to follow. Victory 6-2 for ROMAN!

Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/32


ROMAN is part of a very young Mexican squad who earn their Olympic selection finishing 2nd at the final qualification tournament in June. BANNOVA won the mixed team event of the Asian Championships last October.

The Mexican easily clinched the first set 27-23 and led 2-0. She probably thought she had let the second set go when she released a 6 at her first arrow (25 points)… However, her opponent ended her set with a 5 and let the set go for one point. ROMAN doubled her lead, 4-0.

Hope came back for BANNOVA when she won the third set 25-23 and came back at 2-4. She repeated with another 25 points in the fourth set, but it was not enough this times, and ROMAN clinched victory 6-4 with 27.