Ronda Olímpica Individual Varonil, 30 julio


Recurve Men’s Individual – 1/16

Great atmosphere at Lord’s Cricket Ground for this match between the Mexican SERRANO and the crowd’s favourite GODFREY! The two archers faced each other in May this year at the World Cup in Turkey with a 7-3 win for the Briton.

SERRANO and GODFREY had a difficult start each, but the local won the first set 26-25 and led 2-0. They both shot almost perfectly in the second, 29 each, and the advantage remained British, 3-1.

GODREY made a big step forward towards victory in the fourth set when he clinched it 27-26 (5-1). SERRANO put lots of pressure in the final set with 28 points. As GODREY scored 9 and 10, he needed another 9 at least to win the match… Perfect final shot and the grandstands exulted!

Recurve Men’s Individual – 1/32

The Mexican and the Italian met in 1/16 eliminations at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. GALIAZZO came out the winner of that match, but which was not competed in the set system. In Athens, the Italian went on winning the Olympic title, and he added another gold on Saturday in London in the team event after defeating the Mexican squad of SERRANO in semifinal.

The first two sets turned in favour of the Mexican who led 4-0. But his experienced opponent replied with a perfect third set (10-10-10) and came back at 2-4.

With a 7 at his second arrow in the fourth set, GALIAZZO left the door open to SERRANO, who did not let his chance go for a revenge!