Gaceta UNAM 16 de agosto de 2012

Aída Román Arroyo, un regreso con gloria

La medallista de plata se reunión con el rector de esta casa de estudios.


Nueve milímetros fueron los que separaron a la arquera universitaria Aída Nabila Román Arroyo del oro olímpico; ésa fue la diferencia entre su flecha final y la de la surcoreana K i Bo-bae, quien finalmente se quedó con esa presea y dejó la plata para la mexicana.

4445 Gaceta UNAM 16 agosto 20124445 Gaceta UNAM 16 agosto 2012


Gaceta UNAM 13 agosto de 2012

Aumenta el interés por el tiro con arco

Se han recibido más de mil solicitudes de ingreso desde el éxito de Aída Román


La medalla de plata lograda por Aída Román en los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012 ha despertado el interés de la comunidad universitaria por la práctica del tiro con arco, y eso lo comprueban las más de mil solicitudes que ha recibido la asociación de la especialidad de esta casa de estudios.4444 Gaceta UNAM 13 agosto 2012

4444 Gaceta UNAM 13 agosto 2012


Gaceta UNAM

Gaceta UNAM número 4442, 6 de agosto de 2012

Primera medalla para México en tiro con arco en este tipo de certamen.

La arquera auriazul Aída Nabila Román Arroyo se adjudicó la medalla de plata en tiro con arco individual femenil, en los XXX Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012; en tanto el bronce fue para la mexicana Mariana Avitia.

Gaceta UNAM 6 agosto 2012 núm 4442


Gaceta UNAM número 4441, 2 de agosto de 2012

La arquera auriazul Aída Román Arroyo clasificó a los octavos de final de tiro con arco de los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012, tras derrotar 6-2 a la representante de la India Bombayla Devi Laishram, con parciales de 30/24, 24/25, 26/24 y 27/20, en las competencias que se efectúan en el Lords Cricket Ground de la capital inglesa.

Gaceta UNAM 2 agosto 2012 núm 4441

Gaceta UNAM 2 agosto 2012

Aída Román, a octavos de final en tiro con arco de Londres 2012

Superó a Bombayla Devi Laishram, de la India; su rival en turno, la japonesa Miki Kanie


La arquera auriazul Aída Román Arroyo clasificó a los octavos de final de tiro con arco de los Juegos Olímpicos Londres 2012, tras derrotar 6-2 a la representante de la India Bombayla Devi Laishram, con parciales de 30/24, 24/25, 26/24 y 27/20, en las competencias que se efectúan en el Lords Cricket Ground de la capital inglesa.


4441 Gaceta UNAM 2 agosto 2012

4441 Gaceta UNAM 2 agosto 2012


Encuentro por medalla de oro

Aida Román obtiene medalla de plata trás haber perdido en un encuentro muy reñido con la coreana Ki Bo Bae.

Recurve Women’s Individual – Gold

History had already been made, Mexico ensuring two medals after the bronze of Mariana AVITIA in the previous match.

ROMAN missed a good chance in the first set when she needed a 9 to lead 2-0. She scored a 6 at her third arrow, losing the set 25-27 and trailed. The second set was a draw, since the two yound ladies shot 9-9-8 each. KI still led, 3-1 this time.

Thanks to three arrows in the gold ring, the Mexican clinched the third set with 29 points and tied the game 3-3.

Korea’s team gold medallist replied with a perfect 3-arrow series to secure the fourth set and the lead again 5-3.

ROMAN followed with a triple 9 in the final set. As KI also scored two 9s, she needed a 9 to tie the set at least and clinched the one set point missing. She let an… 8 go, and shoot-off!

Encuentro por medalla de bronce

Mariana Avitia vence a Lorig Kathuna de Estados Unidos por la medalla de bronce

Recurve Women’s Individual – Bronze

Just a few minutes after the disappointment of losing the semifinal match to her teammate Aida ROMAN, the Mexican AVITIA was back on the field to fight for the bronze medal.

She seemed to have recovered quickly and started with three perfect shots to take a 2-0 lead. AVITIA’s advantage increased to 4-0, after she won the second set 24-22, the two athletes appearing to face some difficulties due to a twirling wind.

The Mexican repeated 24 points in the third set, but this time LORIG seized the opportunity with 25 and came back at 2-4.

Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 2 agosto.


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/8


CHRISTIANSEN has hit form and says she used the energy of the crowd in her 7-3 victory over Elisa BARNARD (AUS) and 6-4 triumph against LE Chien-Ying (TPE). AVITIA hopes to offer her country its first ever archery Olympic medal.

The Dane lost the first set when she missed the target (too low) at her second arrow (16-25/0-2). But misadventure did not seem to disturb her and she came back with a 9-9-10 series to win the second set and tie the match 2-2.

CHRISTIANSEN suffered from two bad shots in the third and fourth sets (two 6s) and scored two times 26 only. AVITIA showed great performances in these sets with two times 29 points, and clinched a 6-2 victory.


KANIE dominated her first two rounds and is also boosted by a team bronze medal. She is a left-handed archer, which might be an advantage against the sun on this field.

The two young ladies started with 28 points each, and the match was drawn 1-1 after one set. The second turned in favour of the Japanese, who took advantage of an opening 5 by her opponent to win the set 27-24 and lead 3-1.

KANIE had the opportunity to win the third set and increase her lead if she shot an 8 at her third arrow. Releasing a 6, she let the set go and ROMAN come back at 3-3. Situation reversed when the Mexican took the lead for the first time of the match (5-3), winning the fourth set 27-25.

ROMAN managed to put pressure on her opponent in the final set thanks to 10 and 9. KANIE scored 8-9-9 for her part, leaving ROMAN with a good chance to clinch victory if she scored 7 or better. The Mexican did not miss it with an 8.


Ronda Olímpica Individual Femenil, 1 de agosto.


Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/16
Alejandra Valencia (MEX) – Ming Cheng (CHN)

In the first and second sets, Alejandra VALENCIA had three arrows in the red ring and the World Cup winner was stronger to take the lead 4-0. Both archers shot only 9s in the third set, and the scored moved to 5-1 for CHENG. VALENCIA started the fourth set with a 7, and she was beaten by CHENG for just one point, 24-25. CHENG won the match 7-1 to advance to the 1/8 elimination round.

Recurve Women’s Individual – 1/32


The double gold medallist of the Panamerican Games 2011 took the first set 26-21. The totals of the second set were equal despite the scores being were very different: VALENCIA 9-9-8, PARNAT 10-10-6. The 17-year-old Mexican won the third set 26-25 to lead 5-1. She went on to win the fourth set despite a bad 6. Victory 7-1 for VALENCIA!


Ronda Olímpica Individual Varonil, 1 de agosto.


Recurve Men’s Individual – 1/16

Jin Hyek Oh (KOR) – Luis Alvarez (MEX)

The two archers met for the team bronze final on Saturday, when Korea clinched victory over Mexico for an Olympic medal.

ALVAREZ withstood pressure in the first set as he needed a 10 at his third arrow to draw (28-28). His opponent from Korea scored 29 points in the second set, against 27, and took the lead 3-1.

Fantastic third set for ALVAREZ with three perfect shots to tie the game, 3-3!

As OH scored 9-9-10 and ALVAREZ started with 8-10, the Mexican once again needed a 10 to keep the draw. He scored a 9 and let the fourth set go, trailing 3-5.

ALVAREZ started the final set with two perfect shots, but his opponent resisted with 9 and 10. With a final 10, the Mexican would have forced a shoot-off… But he released an 8, leaving the door open… With a 9, OH tied the set and won the one set point that he was missing (6-4).

Xiaoxiang Dai (CHN) – Luis Eduardo Velez (MEX)

The two competitors had straight 6-0 victories in the first round against Klemen STRAJHAR (SLO) and Milad VAZIRI TEYMOORLOOEI (IRI).

The highest ranked DAI scored two times 27 points (26 and 25 for VELEZ) to take a 4-0 lead. As the Mexican could not improved his scores and shot 25 again, his opponent scored 28 and clinched his second 6-0 win in a row.

Recurve Men’s Individual – 1/32


ALVAREZ is in a great form, as he won the last World Cup in Ogden, USA in June and qualified for the World Cup Final in Tokyo next September.

The Mexican came up to expectations, shooting eight arrows out of nine in the gold ring to clinch a straight three sets win.


The two archers faced each other twice in 2011. It was at the Porec World Cup and Shenzhen Universiade, and each time the Iranian was the winner. He is 16th in the world ranking and starts as favourite although his opponent from Mexico is higher seeded from the ranking round.

After sharing the first set 25-25, VELEZ showed strong performances in the second and third sets that he won 28-26 and 29-28 to lead 5-1. The Mexican repeated with another 29 set and clinched a straightforward 6-0 win.